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Event Slovenia stands with Standing rock

Ljubljana, 20.11.2016

Thank you! - this is the strongest word

Web site Alja Tasi, 24.11.2014

Native American healer – Tim Sikyea

Radio Si – Radio Slovenia International, 12.11.2014

Event ''The Unwavering source of Love''

Maribor, 25.10.2014

When have you last thanked water for life?

Magazine Združenje Manager, 12.12.2012

Slovenia is safe, but it's still sleeping

Magazine Jana, 13.11.2012

The forgotten 6 wisdoms of Mother Earth and our ancestors

Web site, 08.11.2012

Tim Sikyea ''The earth is not sick, we humans are!

Radio Val 202, Evropa osebno, 7.11.2012

Event ''One with Mother Earth''

Ljubljana, 04.11.2012

Open your heart and mind, then everything is possible

Web site Dnevnik, 24.10.2012

The wisdom of a Native American

Web site, 17.10.2012

The wisdom of a Native American Tim Sikyea

Web site Medovernet, 11.10.2012

Tim Sikyea comes to Slovenia

Web site, 27.09.2012

Thank you, this is the strongest word

Primorske novice, 25.02.2012

The Lonesome Eagle over Vipava valley

Magazine Mag, 20.04.2009

Tim Sikyea - sweating as rebirth

Magazine Aura, 15.03.2001

A Native American shaman by Kolpa

Slovenske novice, 26.08.2000

Tim Sikyea - So that people could live

Magazine Aura, 10.04.1995

News about sweatlodges

News about sweatlodges

Have you ever been brave enough to crawl into a small willow dome covered in blankets, wrapped in a towel, in the middle of nature? Have you ever let yourself go with the singing of Native American songs, surrounded in complete darkness, in the heat and steam? Join us, as only experience counts.

   Info about sweatlodges



A purification sweatlodge or a Native American sauna is part of the cultural heritage of the Native Americans (USA).

It is an ancient ceremony, aimed at purifying and healing four human levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

   More about the sweatlodge in the middle of nature

Earth dance

Earth dance

The Earth Dance aims to bring us into harmony with the energy of Mother Earth through dancing, accompanied by the sacred drum and the sining of ceremonial songs. Dancers sacrifice themselves by dancing without food or water for four days, showing respect and gratitude for her unconditional love.

   Let’s recognize and honor the SPIRIT of Mother Earth!