Tim Sikyea

Tim Sikyea

Tim Sikyea is performing traditional Native American customs and teaching the Native American way of life, also through sharing the wisdom and knowledge of his ancestors. He’s helping people find their joy, appreciate life and be happy through conversations, speeches, interviews and ceremonies.

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A purification sweatlodge or a Native American sauna is part of the cultural heritage of the Native Americans (USA).

It is an ancient ceremony, aimed at purifying and healing four human levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

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Earth dance

Earth dance

The Earth Dance aims to bring us into harmony with the energy of Mother Earth through dancing, accompanied by the sacred drum and the sining of ceremonial songs. Dancers sacrifice themselves by dancing without food or water for four days, showing respect and gratitude for her unconditional love.

   Let’s recognize and honor the SPIRIT of Mother Earth!

We are learning about ancient secrets and wisdoms from Tim Sikyea, a Native American healer/medicine man, who is handing them over to us slowly, persistently and with a lot of patience. Together we manage to experience the Magic and Holiness of Mother Earth, as well as, ourselves. Together we experience gratitude, compassion…all the values that we have forgotten about and buried deep inside. For many years we have had the honor of Tim coming to Slovenia and bringing us back to ourselves with enourmous amounts of sensibility and open heart, by running ancient Native American rituals. He gives us an opportunity for each of us to experience what he or she needs to learn about his or her essence, which is inseparably connected to the whole Creation, in his or her own way.  

In the midst of intact Nature, which is so Magical and Real, we rejoice in our reunion, over and over again – HOME after so many years. 

Join us!

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Do you want to live in harmony with the entire Creation? Do you want to find deep respect, admiration, acceptance and humility towards all living creatures within yourself? Do you want to learn unconditional love in coexistence with Mother Earth? JOIN US!

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Earth Dance 2022

28. July, 2022 All day

Let’s recognize and honor the SPIRIT of Mother Earth! The 16th Earth Dance in Slovenia, led by Tim Sikyea, will take place in Mala sela, Adlešiči, ...

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