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Earth Dance 2022

July 28 - August 17

Let’s recognize and honor the SPIRIT of Mother Earth!

The 16th Earth Dance in Slovenia, led by Tim Sikyea, will take place in Mala sela, Adlešiči, Slovenia.
The ceremony of the Earth Dance will start on 5th of August by lighting up the sacred fire and end by putting it down on 13th of August.
Fell free to join us in the sweats early, before the actual Earth Dance, as the summer camp will take place between 27th of July and 17th of August 2022.


For more informations and registration please contact:

  • Miloš, phone: 00 386 41 657 444,  e-mail:  milos_kecman@hotmail.com or
  • Nenad, phone: 00 386 41 246 504,  e-mail: nenad.djokovic@gmail.com

We ask you to notify us about your sweat lodge attendance at least a week in advance, as this will allow you to get a free spot in the sweat and a warm meal after the ceremony is finished.


You are kindly invited to join the Earth Dance ceremony by praying and thanking Mother Earth. If you would like to take a more active role in the ceremony, you are encouraged to make a commitment in the Sweat-lodge for one of the following activities:
• keeping the sacred fire,
• dancing,
• taking care of the drummers,
• taking care of the pipe-girls,
• cooking in the camp, assisting in the kitchen,
• setting up the camp,
• purchasing of food and other supplies,
• overall organization of the camp,
• smudging / purification of the space etc.


The dancers have already undertaken the ceremony of the Vision Quest, a three to four day retreat secluded in nature in deep communion with the elements. Others are kindly invited to the Earth Dance as supporters in the outer ring of the sacred circle, joining in prayers and gratitude to the Mother Earth.
Supporters may make 280 tobacco ties, tied up on a string and rolled on a stick. Dancers will spread them around the sacred circle.

The Earth Dance Ceremony

The Earth Dance ceremony brings us closer into harmony with the energy of Mother Earth, accompanied by drumming and sacred songs, sung in devotion, gratitude and love. The Dancers give sacrifice for four days without food and water, and thus show reverence and gratitude for her unconditional love and caring for people and all kingdoms.

There is special symbolic meaning of the Earth Dance ceremony. In the middle of the circle, the tree of life is planted, symbolizing Mother Earth – a circle of seven roses around the tree of life represents the feminine principle which is the essence of this ceremony. Women are dancing in the centre of the sacred circle while men are dancing on the outer line which is marked by twenty-eight pairs of birch trees.

In the Earth Dance ceremony, we share four days of praying, thanking and honouring Mother Earth and the Creator, who created such a magnificent creation.

You are kindly invited!

Association for Quality of Life, Mother Earth


July 28
August 17
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Bela krajina
Mala Sela 1
Adlešiči, 8341 Slovenija


Društvo za kakovost življenja Zemlja Mati
041 246 504 (Nenad), 041 657 444 (Miloš)
nenad.djokovic@gmail.com, info@zemlja-mati.si