The Association

The Association For Quality of Life, Mother Earth is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit group of people who aim to preserve natural heritage and customs related to nature and Mother Earth.

The association connects and joins mostly those living in Slovenia, who want to actively participate in preserving nature, encouraging a natural way of life and bringing to awareness the importance of protecting natural heritage. Both individuals and families with children take part in the activities.

The aim and goals

  • striving for preservation of natural heritage,
  • expanding general culture and developing humane and responsible attitude towards nature,
  • developing affiliation towards preserving a clean natural environment,
  • actively affecting the environment and the association’s members,
  • allowing individuals to spend quality free time,
  • organizing cultural, educational, artistic and ecologically-oriented activities,
  • organizing activities during which people can experience nature and expand their knowledge on their own,
  • raising awareness and developing sensitivity about nature,
  • raising awareness about understanding natural laws with the help of cultural and spiritual heritage, and the philosophy of indigenous people, closely related to nature, their traditions and customs (North American Native Americans, the indigenous peoples of South America, Aboriginal Australians, the indigenous peoples of Africa…)
  • connecting different cultures, overcoming differences and deepening of the feeling of being related to Mother Earth,
  • supporting the activities of other groups and associations by similar programs and goals.

The aim and goals of the association are being implemented through the performance of the following activities:

  • taking care of educating its members about protecting and preserving natural heritage,
  • organizing programs for the youth, lectures, meetings, classes, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, debates and other events,
  • performing the purchase and the lease of the lot for performing activities during which people can experience nature on their own,
  • collecting funds through: membership, events’ profit, own projects, selling traditional handcrafts, contributions, donations, release of the association’s paper, taking care of the environment.


The Association for Quality of Life Mother Earth aims to preserve the natural heritage and tradition honoring nature and this planet. We are a voluntary, independent, non-political and non-profit group of ordinary people. Our goal is to encourage a natural way of living in a natural environment and help people become aware of the importance of preserving natural heritage.
We believe this is highly important in the times ahead.
Since our recommended minimal donations help us cover only the basic and most necessary expenses of organising camps and activities during that time, you are most welcome to contribute otherwise:


Financial or material donations
If you’re willing or have an option to help the association by contributing your own share, we would be glad if you could contact us.
We sincerely thank everyone, who support our activities with addittional financial or material contributions.

Thank You and be well!
»Mitakuye Oyasin«

News about sweatlodges

News about sweatlodges

Have you ever been brave enough to crawl into a small willow dome covered in blankets, wrapped in a towel, in the middle of nature? Have you ever let yourself go with the singing of Native American songs, surrounded in complete darkness, in the heat and steam? Join us, as only experience counts.

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Moments, captured in photography

Moments, captured in photography

We are learning about ancient secrets and wisdoms with Mother Earth. Together we manage to experience the Magic and Holiness of Mother Earth, as well as, ourselves.

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Media about us

Media about us

Read, listen or take a look

at what the media have said about our philosophy, the Association of Mother Earth, Tim Sikyea (who worked with the association from 2005 to 2022), the cultural heritage of Native Americans and ancient wisdom and secrets of indigenous American tribes.

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